Thursday, 22 August

Current Scenario and Future- Oil and gas downstream sector and increasing refining capacity

  • Government initiatives on investments aiding the growth of downstream sectorIncreasing refining capacity by 2030 – Feasibility plan
  • Refinery and petrochemicals - Vision 2040
  • Energy Geo- politics – impact on Indian downstream industry
  • Game-changing Technologies for downstream sector
  • The future of mobility: An industry perspective
Panel Discussion I:

Current Scenario and future outlook of upstream and downstream sector

Global and Domestic Energy Transition for India

  • Outlook for India and Global - Refining and Petrochemical Industry
  • Challenges that refiners will face to absorb shale growth
  • Role of Gas in India’s Energy Mix

Operational Excellence and Digital Innovations in downstream sector

  • Optimization of refinery topline and bottom-line with AI
  • Pushing process limits without compromising safety – Cybersecurity
Panel Discussion II:

Industry 4.0 – The digital transformation IIOT and AI

Friday, 23 August

Current Scenario and Future- Petrochemicals & Refining-Petrochemical Integration

  • Upcoming and ongoing petrochemical projects
  • Latest developments in petrochemical technologies
  • Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated development projects

Technology advancements to enhance refining capacity

Environment regulations and refining technologies

  • Renewable energy ongoing and performance of running projects
  • IMO 2020 – A boost for refineries for low sulphur fuel
  • Water and waste water management in refining sector
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and CO2 capture
  • Controlling refinery emissions and effluent management
Panel Discussion III:

Fuels of the Future

Panel Discussion IV:

Project management, engineering , construction in mega projects